Open House, Meditation and Meditation Instruction


at our new location


(The new blue building behind giant Tiger and on the north side of the ball park)

Please come and join us for a night of meditation, and informal dharma related discussion.  Meditation instruction is also offered.  This is a public open house and it takes place every Wednesday from 7-9pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The evening has two parts:  meditation and conversation.  We begin with one hour of meditation.  This involves both sitting and walking practices.  Most people sit on cushions on the floor but chairs are also available.  This is followed by announcements and discussion in the second hour.   The topic is usually a selected dharma reading or upcoming events of interest.  The approximate timing is such that sitting occurs in the first thirty minutes, then there is a walking meditation for about ten minutes, and lastly there is another period of sitting for about twenty minutes.  After a short break, there is a discussion.  Tea and light snacks are usually offered.  The gathering is informal but led by a Meditation Guide or other qualified person.  Please feel free to come and go as you like.  Join us for all, or any part of the evening.  If you are interested in meditation instruction, please send an email announcing your intent to attend so someone will be available to meet with you.  This person will provide an introductory overview and answer any questions.  Also, please arrive a little early if you would like to receive instruction.